Jessica James

Jessica’s formal education in psychology is highly influential to her art work themes, as well as evolving her understanding of our connection to the collective consciousness and nature.

Jessica uses mainly black and white ink pens and acrylic paint to create abstract stippling drawings. The works are a meditation of her passion to reconnect us back to ourselves and the very real fact that we are all one.

Jessica continues to explore the question, ‘How can something seemingly ‘imperfect’ (the outcomes of abstractionism) be made from a shape so ‘perfect’ (the circle)?’ She wonders how that same principle can be applied to our world - made of perfect atoms, being judged as seemingly imperfect.

Her endeavour through abstract mark making is to slow down our fast-paced world to give us the opportunity to ponder similar questions and become curious about what we see and how it makes us feel. Without the distraction of known shapes and figures, even when her work is reflecting something familiar, such as a flower or mountain, she never reflects it exactly and still leaves room for us to subjectively explore and understand the essence of it.